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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Button Pusher

How many of you, when at the crosswalk or elevator, hit the button more than once, or even push it and wait a little, then push it again?

Be honest!

Now, how many of you push it once then kick back and wait knowing what you set into motion will pan out?

What happens?

Well, both scenarios have the same result, right? The hand sign changes to a walking person allowing for safe passage, or the elevator doors open to ferry you to another floor.

However, button pushers can begin to get frustrated and antsy, and quite possibly become impatient enough to jaywalk or take the stairs. Easily adding an unneeded anxiety to their day.


For some reason, our society has become one of instant gratification. When we set out to accomplish something, we want the immediate results. We look for short cuts or alternatives to get done faster. However, letting things unfold the way they are meant to will have a better reward.

Think about that. Would you want the surgeon to cut through your liver to get to your heart? How about a contractor building your home using leftover bits on your plumbing to make it work? Sure, those are “big” ones. How about a cook not washing his hands, because the restaurant is hopping and he needs the food to go out? Unwrapping your breakfast while driving?

Take your time, be in the moment, set life in motion and see what happens. All these take a bit of faith in you -- in the plotting, in the goal and reaching it.

With the martial arts, the training and practice have rewards along the way. Inspiration can come from the instructor or fellow students when you see how they move and you aspire (and perspire) to reach that level of experience. I still look at people I have learned from and with and am motivated to push myself a little harder in practice. The key is to not become frustrated with where you are on the path, it’s just where you are at the moment. The more you dedicate yourself to learning, the sooner things will begin to flow for you.

Overnight sensations are anything but. The hard fought battles are seldom seen behind the blinding success, but they are there. Every one of us sets our sights. Every one of us takes a deep breath. Every one of us pushes the button.

Do you double tap?

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