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Monday, April 4, 2011

The benefits of training in martial arts

The benefits of training a martial art are plentiful. This is my experience; your mileage may vary.

When I started my dedicated training in the martial arts, I was overweight, sluggish and, for lack of a better word, unfocused. I hadn’t always been that way. I had settled into a routine that lacked everyday activities of moving which I used to do.

After I started training regularly, a change started. It was more than just body changes. Pushing myself physically had a side effect I hadn’t considered. I wanted to understand more and started reading. A lot.

The subject matter was somewhat varied and ranged from archeology to Eastern thought. I was eating it up. I was making weekly treks to bookstores, looking for something to jump out at me and feed the grey matter.

The combination of learning new ways to move and educating myself helped me to overcome that unfocused stasis. When I was younger, I could really focus on things without distraction. As I settled into an office job that became more and more mind numbing, I found that tedium eating away at my focus. When I started working out and moving more, I found that focus and drive again and became more efficient and found myself wanting more challenges.

I have always had the ability to dive deep into a subject and learn as much as I can about it. It’s about passion. When we enjoy something, we want it to become a part of who we are.

This is establishing a balance. When we work our bodies, more blood flows through our brain. More blood equals more energy. The brain wants something more to do, so it is best to feed it with good material. Your choice of material is up to you. I do suggest you make it something you are interested in at least, or perhaps it will be something entirely new to you. To me, that would be better as your brain will get a better workout!

I want you to experience this too. I want you to excel at whatever drives you. I believe that learning a martial art will only enhance who you are. Drop by the school to experience the rush.

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