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Monday, April 11, 2011

Walkin' the Tightrope

One of the major themes in martial arts is balance. This is more than just the physical capacity to stay on one’s feet; it is achieving it in life as well. For our purpose here, I will focus on the balance of martial art and self-defense.

We all want to have that level of ability to defend others and ourselves. My goal is for you to achieve an appreciation of the art but also have the tools to defend if necessary.

With art, knowing yourself is the key. Expressing yourself is the door to open. This expression comes out when the skills are integrated into who you are and there is no delineation between you and the martial art. I share my expression of these arts and it is up to you to make it yours and own it.

In our school we have the art incorporated into the self-defense to achieve that balance. Within the art are skills applicable to self-defense. These step outside the physical nature of the art and into awareness. Knowing what is happening around you and being able to interpret those signals guide your actions.

Whatever martial discipline you practice, using your brain is first and foremost. Any self-defense situation can be chaotic and things will happen outside your training and beyond what you may have imagined. In order to do what must be done, you need to have an almost instinctual application at your ready.

There are universal ways a body moves and you can put those to your advantage and keep your balance to get out of the situation and to safety.

My expression of these arts is mine and I share what I know in the hope that you will discover something outside my knowledge and contribute that to this thing we do and enjoy.

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