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Monday, April 25, 2011

Recommended Reading List

Over the years, I have read a number of books relating to martial arts and Eastern philosophy along with books that could fall under the category of “self help.” For the most part, I took something new away from them all, but a few stand out as reference books that I return to time and time again. The following list are the books that I continually go back to to refresh and get new insights from.

Martial Arts and Survival Related

Meditations on Violence - Rory Miller
Taking it to the Street - Marc MacYoung
Combatives for Street Survival - Kelly McCann
Pencak Silat Pertempuran - Sean Stark
The Tao of Gung Fu - Bruce Lee, Edited by John Little
Jeet Kune Do - Bruce Lee, Edited by John Little
Jeet Kune Do, The Art and Philosophy of Bruce Lee - Dan Inosanto
The Gift of Fear - Gavin de Becker
Pentjak-Silat, The Indonesian Fighting Art - Donn Draeger, Howard Alexander, Quintin Chambers
Comprehensive Asian Fighting Arts - Donn Draeger, Robert Smith

Eastern Philosophy Related

Tao, The Watercourse Way - Alan Watts
What is Tao? - Alan Watts
Zen & the Beat Way - Alan Watts
Tao Te Ching - Lao-Tzu
Zen and the Martial Arts - Joe Hyams

“Self Help”

Illusions - Richard Bach
The Way of the Peaceful Warrior - Dan Millman
The Warrior Within - John Little
Beyond the Known - Tri Thong Dang
Why the Chicken Crossed the Road - Dean Sluyter

This is by no means a comprehensive list and there are other titles by Marc MacYoung, some Jeet Kune Do books I go back to from time to time and more anthropological readings on Filipino and Indonesian culture. However, for my students, these are some that will help you understand what you are studying and help you figure out where you may be headed with life.

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